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Sexy Bra for Women Online in Pakistan

If you are looking for a comfortable bra, you can’t go wrong with buying one online in Pakistan. With a variety of styles and sizes to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect fit.

Are you looking for a simple and easy method to get bras online in Pakistan? You are in the right place! With only a few clicks, embrace the comfort and style you deserve.

You may browse a large selection of bras according to your tastes, sizes, and styles on our user-friendly online store. Find the ideal fit that brings out your inherent attractiveness and gives you more self-confidence.

We provide everything you need, including opulent lace and daily necessities.

Find the perfect bra from the convenience of your home by perusing our carefully chosen selection and reading user reviews.

With the ease of purchasing bras online in Pakistan, it’s time to transform your lingerie shopping experience.

Online Bra in Pakistan – Common Types

Here’s the list of top good bra types available in Pakistan;

1. Bralette

Sexy Bra Online in Pakistan

Explore the various options available, including the trendy and comfortable bralette. Unlike traditional bras, bralettes do not have wires or moulded cups, but they offer a sexy appeal with their sheer materials and lace or striped patterns. While they may provide less bust support, some bralettes, like nightdress.pk’s collection, offer light support.

Bralettes are perfect for flaunting beneath tank tops, adding a touch of lace to your outfit. Additionally, you can wear certain bralettes as high-neck crop tops or layer them under sheer or revealing tops. Find your perfect bralette, including stylish net bra designs, online today!

2. Sports Bra

Sexy Sports Bra for Women

Sports bras, created for the sole purpose of reducing breast movement, impact, and strain, are an absolute need for any athletic activity. They are available in a variety of thicknesses and lengths to accommodate a wide range of exercises. You may discover a sports bra that works for you whether you favour high-impact aerobics or low-impact workouts like yoga.

They’re a great addition to your activewear wardrobe and look great while doing your thing. You may wear a sports bra with your training gear or on its own with some trendy leggings. They are also suitable for a weekend of lazing at home. Plus, front-open brassieres provide simple access and extra comfort, so they’re worth checking at if you want the utmost in convenience.

3. Wireless Bra

Sexy Strapless Bra for Women

One popular option is the wireless bra. These bras come in various styles, from bralettes to racerbacks to sports bras. They are specially designed to provide maximum comfort and a sense of freedom.

Many women love wearing wireless bras because they offer great support without the hassle of underwire. You can wear them with almost anything in your wardrobe. Some women even wear wireless bras for support while lounging around the house or playing with their kids.

4. Strapless Bra

As the name suggests, strapless bras do not have any straps but don’t worry. They come with removable straps for extra support when needed. These bras are designed to keep your bust in place using an underwire and an anti-slip grip lining that prevents slipping. Some strapless bras even have moulded cups to ensure everything stays where it should be.

Now, why should every lady have a strapless bra in her wardrobe? Well, they are perfect for wearing underdresses and tops with revealing necklines or showing off your beautiful shoulders.

5. Padded Bra

As the name suggests, strapless bras do not have any straps but don’t worry. They come with removable straps for extra support when needed. These bras are designed to keep your bust in place using an underwire and an anti-slip grip lining that prevents slipping. Some strapless bras even have moulded cups to ensure everything stays where it should be.

Now, why should every lady have a strapless bra in her wardrobe? They are perfect for wearing underdresses and tops with revealing necklines or showing off your beautiful shoulders.

6. Push Up Bra

This is a great option for you if you want to elevate your bust! A push-up bra works its magic by pulling your breasts inward and upward, giving them a bigger and more enhanced look. It does this with angled cups and additional padding.

How should you style it now? Low-cut shirts and skirts with plunge necklines go perfectly with a push-up bra. It’s ideal for exposing your cleavage and giving your ensemble a dash of appeal. But keep in mind that a push-up bra may be worn without an exposing top. You may put it on to accentuate your breasts and feel good in any attire.

7. Underwire Bra

We have underwire bras. These bras have a thin, semicircular wire sewn into the fabric beneath each cup. They are designed to provide extra support and lift to women who need it. However, if you buy the wrong bra size, the underwires might pinch and prod, which can be uncomfortable.

Make sure you know your bra size before purchasing. Underwire bras come in various styles like strapless, balconette, and demi cups, making them versatile and suitable for wearing under different outfits.

8. Full Coverage Bras

These beauties offer maximum comfort and support with extra coverage, ensuring nothing slips out. They often come with an underwire beneath the cups, providing a little lift.

When pairing them with your outfits, full-coverage bras are versatile. They work well under T-shirts, tank tops, blouses, or dresses, making them perfect for any day of the week.

Now, who benefits the most from these comfortable bras? Well, they are great for all bust shapes and sizes but especially fantastic for those with larger, fuller breasts.

9. Demi Cup Bra

The demi cup bra is one common choice. Given that it covers around half of each breast, occasionally more, it isn’t quite a full-coverage bra. The low-cut cups typically include a flattering seam along the borders to fit your particular breast shape.

Demi cup bras go well with low-cut tops and necklines like V-neck T-shirts and skirts when worn with an ensemble. They have a fashionable appearance and offer the ideal amount of coverage.

10. Balconette Bra

It’s all about that pin-up girl look, offering a subtle lift that enhances your natural bust shape and showcases your beautiful bosom. Think Marilyn Monroe vibes! Whether it’s a special occasion or a casual evening, wearing a balconette bra will make you feel confident and sexy, like a Hollywood starlet.

So, what’s the perfect match for a balconette bra? Low-cut tops, wide necklines like scoop necks and square necklines, and dresses with deep plunges are its best friends. Here’s a pro tip: many balconette bras can also be worn as strapless bras.

When it comes to bust shape, balconettes work wonders for women with fuller cup sizes. However, if you have loose breast tissue, you may not find them as flattering, as they can make your breasts appear flat and squishy. Keep that in mind while exploring different bra types.

11. Convertible Bra

Let me tell you; it’s pretty amazing! What sets it apart is its versatility. You can adjust the straps to go straight across your shoulders or crisscross them at the back for extra support.

Here’s the exciting part: convertible bras come in different styles, from demi cups to balconettes, and some even offer padding for smaller breast sizes. So, if you are looking for a sexy bra that can adapt to your outfit, this is it!

The convertible bra covers you whether you are wearing a dress or a tank top. Just rearrange the straps to match your outfit, and you are ready to go. They cater to all bust sizes, so you’ll find the perfect fit.

12. Petite Bras

These gems are designed for petite women with smaller frames and bust sizes. Petite bras are here to save the day if you have been struggling to find the right bra size! They come in various styles and shapes, tailored to fit perfectly. The smaller cup sizes and bands ensure a snug and comfortable fit for petite figures.

The best part? You can match these petite bras with anything in your little wardrobe! From casual tops to elegant dresses, they have got you covered.

So, if you are looking for bras that are perfect for your petite and smaller breast sizes, try petite bras.

13. Maternity Bras and Nursing Bras

Maternity bras are a blessing for pregnant women whose breasts undergo significant changes. They are made with stretchable material that grows with you, providing much-needed support. You will also find adjustable straps and extra hook-and-eye clasps for a comfortable fit.

Nursing bras are a specific type of maternity bra designed for breastfeeding. They feature a clip-down, double-opening cup design, allowing easy access for feeding on both sides. Some nursing bras even have a helpful reminder clip to track breast rotations.

As for apparel, maternity bras can be worn under anything whenever you need extra support. Most moms-to-be notice the change in breast size during the first trimester.

Remember that it’s important to buy maternity and nursing bras at the right time and in the correct size. We recommend going for a larger size than your regular bra size.

Bra Brands in Pakistan

Here’s the list of top bra brands in Pakistan;

1. NghtDress.PK

Are you prepared to go into the world of Pakistani bra brands that are accessible online? Let’s begin with one that is well-known: Nightdress.pk. With its chic and cosy bra line, this company has established itself in the lingerie industry.

You may discover a variety of styles and sizes in the Nightdress.pk collection to fit your tastes. Nightdress.pk provides everything you need, whether you’re searching for regular bras or something more spectacular for a particular occasion.

Their bras are well made, guaranteeing a superb fit and long-lasting quality. Additionally, you can browse, choose, and purchase your preferred bras from the convenience of your home thanks to their online platform.

2. PinkDressing.com

One brand that has made a mark is Pinkdressing. Originally from the UK, they launched in Islamabad, bringing their luxurious ladies’ lingerie to the Pakistani market.

Lenceria offers a range of stylish bras, including padded bras, bridal bra sets, and bras perfect for honeymoon vibes. But that’s not all—they also have a fabulous collection of nighties and imported lingerie from the UK. If you are in the mood for something sexy, they have covered you with their stunning nighties and bridal dresses.

If you are looking for minimizer bras, they have those too! PinkDressing.com is known as one of the top fancy undergarments brands in Pakistan.

3. NightyPakistan.pk

When purchasing night dresses or undergarments online, Losha has got you covered. They are one of the leading undergarments brands in Pakistan, ensuring you have a worry-free shopping experience.

Losha is committed to offering a wide range of products from local and international brands. You will find a diverse selection of high-quality bras, including imports from all over the world, at the best prices. With Losha, you can trust that you’re getting the best quality products that cater to your needs.

4. PinkLady

They are the country’s largest manufacturer of women’s undergarments, offering a wide range of products to cater to all your needs.

PinkLady has got you covered, from nightwear to lingerie, panties to bras, and even clothing for curvy girls. Whether you are looking for a comfortable 38B bra or other clothing items like bandeaus or corsets, they have it all.

5. NightDress.pk

It’s called Nightdress.pk, and it’s originally from Pakistan. They have been in the fashion game for over 10 years, offering a blend of classic and contemporary styles.

Nightdress.pk is not just an ordinary brand; it’s a fashion e-tailer with a whopping 7000+ customers worldwide. They’ve set the bar high regarding good taste and high-quality standards. And guess what? They have an incredible variety of products for both men and women.

Now, if you are specifically hunting for a 36DD bra, Next is the place to go.

6. Nightdress.pk

Nightdress.pk is a renowned lingerie brand based in Switzerland, and guess what? They have over Hundreds of stores worldwide, so you can easily access their products no matter where you are.

One of Nightdress.pk’s most popular products is their everyday T-shirt bra. These bras come in various colours and sizes, catering to everyone from petite to plus sizes. Whether you are a 42B or any other size, Nightdress.pk has got you covered.

Size is never an issue when you shop at Nightdress.pk. Get ready to find the perfect bra for your everyday comfort and style!

7. NightDress.pk

Meet Nightdress.pk They offer a wide range of products, so you can find everything you need anywhere, from clothing items to girls’ bags, women’s shoes, and lingerie.

What sets Nightdress.pk apart is their understanding of women’s needs. They design their products with comfort in mind, ensuring you feel great while wearing their bras.

They have an impressive collection, including T-shirt bras, bralettes, adhesive bras, high-quality bodysuits, strapless bras, and even shapewear. Plus, they go the extra mile by offering post-surgery bras for women who have undergone breast surgery.

8. Babydoll Nighties by Nightdress.pk

One brand that deserves special mention is Nightdress.pk Pakistan. Regarding maternity and nursing clothing, it’s less widely available in Pakistan than in other parts of the world. But we fills that void beautifully.

They offer a range of bra designs specifically tailored for new moms. Whether you prefer regular drop cups, wire-free bras, or tops with attached nursing bras, our company has got you covered.

They understand your body’s changes during this particular time and strive to provide the utmost comfort. If you are a new mom looking for stylish and comfortable nursing bras and tops, explore nightdress.pk’s collection.

9. Sexy Lingerie

This brand is a fantastic option if you are on a budget but want to explore different lingerie styles. Nightdress.pk primarily operates online, offering a wide range of bras and sleepwear at incredibly affordable prices.

Regarding their bra collection, they have got you covered with various options. You’ll find classic bra sets, wire-free bras for ultimate comfort, trendy bralettes, nursing bras for new moms, and push-up bras to enhance your cleavage. They also offer tank tops and a great variety of stockings and tights.

One cool thing about Nightdress.pk is that they have readymade bundles available. This means you can buy multiple items together and save even more money. So, if you are looking for budget-friendly yet stylish lingerie, Nightdress.pk is worth checking out.

How to Know Cup Size Before Shopping for your Dream Bra

Let’s discuss something important about buying your dream bra online in Pakistan—knowing your cup size! Wearing the correct size bra is crucial for avoiding discomfort and keeping your breasts happy and healthy.

Here’s the deal: if your bra is too tight, it can restrict blood circulation around your breasts, potentially leading to lumps and even breast cancer. On the other hand, if your bra is too loose, you might experience painful shoulder and neck issues.

So, how can you measure your cup size before shopping for that perfect bra and panty set? It’s pretty simple. You need to measure around your bust.

Here’s a handy guide for you:

If the difference between your underbust measurement and bust measurement is:

  • 12-14 cm, then you require an A Cup.
  • 15-16 cm, then you require a B Cup.
  • 17-18 cm, then you require a C Cup.
  • 19-20 cm, then you require a D Cup.

Knowing your cup size can ensure a comfortable and supportive fit for your beautiful curves. So go ahead, measure up, and get ready to find your perfect bra and panty set online.


Which brand is best for cotton bras?

Several great brands are known for their quality cotton bras, such as Calvin Klein, Hanes, and Fruit of the Loom. It ultimately depends on your personal preference and budget.

How do I choose a bra?

To choose the right bra, consider your correct size, desired level of support, and style that suits your outfit and comfort needs. Measuring professionally and trying different styles can help you find the perfect fit.

Which type of bra is good for health?

A sports bra is generally considered good for health as it provides proper support, reduces breast movement during physical activities, and minimises discomfort. However, the most suitable type of bra for health varies depending on individual preferences and body types.

Which bra is suitable for sagging breasts?

A bra with full coverage and an underwire can support sagging breasts. Look for bras with wide straps, side panels, and a tight band to lift and shape the breasts. Bras with moulded cups or padded options can offer added support and a more lifted appearance.

What is a balcony bra?

A balcony bra is a style that provides less coverage than a full-cup bra but more coverage than a demi-cup bra. It has a horizontal neckline that creates a lifted and rounded shape while still offering a natural look. Balcony bras are great for wearing with low-cut or square-neckline tops.

Wrapping Up!

When buying bras online in Pakistan, finding the right fit, style, and comfort for your individual needs is essential. With the convenience of online shopping, you can explore a wide range of options and discover the perfect bra that makes you feel confident and supported.

If you are looking for a reliable brand that offers high-quality lingerie, I highly recommend checking out Nightdress. PK. With their commitment to providing comfortable and stylish bras, Nightdress.PK offers a diverse collection that caters to different body types and preferences.

Their attention to detail, quality materials, and excellent customer service make them a trusted choice for online bra shopping in Pakistan. So go ahead, explore Nightdress.PK and find your perfect bra to elevate your lingerie game. Happy shopping!

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